Dycem CleanZone



For Pedestrian and Light Wheeled Traffic

CleanZone is a high performance anti microbial flooring suitable for light wheeled traffic and heavier pedestrian flows. Permanently installed, it is the most effective way of controlling all forms of foot, wheel and air borne contamination. Dycem CleanZone anti microbial flooring is available in a range of attractive designs which means it still looks good between wet cleaning.


CleanZone has the flexibility to be installed into in a variety of different sized and shaped areas, it is accompanied by a number of edging system choices that are illustrated in the brochures (please visit the Brochures page to download) and can be demonstrated by our contamination control specialists.


  • Prevents up to 99.9% of contamination from entering your critical area.
  • Reduced floor and air particle / microbial counts.
  • Improved yield, cost savings and profitability.
  • Reduced risk of high product rejection rates.
  • Dycem products cannot be bypassed and require no overt action.
  • Available in a range of low profile edging systems.
  • Coving and inlaid options available.
  • Ideal for foot contamination control.

Technical Data

Technical Overview CleanZone
Anti microbial All Dycem products incorporate Biomaster
Floor coverings Bespoke size / shapes readily available
CZ01 thickness 2.1mm (0.08″)
Load resistance 70kg / cm2 (1000 lbs/in²)
Toxicity Non-Toxic
ESD features 108 Ohms
Outgassing ASTM E-595 at 50 degrees centigrade criteria met
Co-efficient of friction 3.5 μ
Warranty 1 year
Heat resistance Working range 0ºc – 50ºс (32ºf – 122ºf)
Expected life 1 – 5 years


Where to use Dycem Clean Zone


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