Shoe Sole Cleaner – DS-313DX



Cleaning shoe soles perfectly and effectively by rotating brushes in water tray with detergent

Complete water removal on shoe soles by stepping on the absorbing mat after cleaning

Easy Operation and maintenance

  • Equipped with wheels, it can be moved and installed any places where required
  • Equipped with water supply and drain pipe, easy and simple to maintain and drain waste water
  • Strong and robust design with quality materials and components

Durable and  Economic

  • Fully automated operation by sensor when stepping on the cleaning deck
  • Made and structured of full stainless steel  designed to withstand impacts and rust
  • Simple, easy and economic operation and maintenance

DS-313DX specifications

Application: Single person

Absorbent mat: Built-in

Dimensions: 730x1150x900

Net weight: 70 kg

Water tank: 10 liters

Power supply & Power consumption: 240 VAC 50/60 Hz 40W

Product Manual 

Product Description