Clean And Sanitised Your Boots Or Shoes In
Under 3 Seconds.

We have a complete hands-free cleaning system that’s fast, safe, quick and easy way to physically clean and sanitize your shoes or boots in under three seconds. Each model is designed for a specific environment, all do the same thing efficiently, completely, and economically: clean footwear before you enter another area.


Featured Products

Aqua Cube

The AQUA Cube is the Ultimate manual boot cleaning station. Made from high quality UV resistant polyethylene.

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ProfilGate® is a foreign object capturing system which automatically captures glass, metals, stones and soil from the soles of safety shoes and trolley wheels.

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Neptun Bc1

Whether a single sole or a whole boot, the universal machine Neptun BC1 (Boot Cleaner 1) is the solution to all dirt problems.

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