FMCG Industry Solutions have partnered with Micreos, a Dutch based company in the field of targeted antibacterial technology to offer PhageGuard Listex. It is a culture of bacteriophages (or phages for short) that effectively eliminates Listeria monocytogenes. Found naturally in the environment, phages offer an effective solution through its ability to eliminate many pathogenic bacteria. PhageGuard […]

Imagine this, you open up your food to eat, perhaps its a nice ham sandwich, perhaps a slow cooked lamb slathered in gravy and succulent juice. Just as you begin to eat it, your cheeks swell up, you begin to feel faint and everything goes black. Let’s rewind 2 weeks, to when the product was […]

As awareness regarding the spread of germs and pathogens has increased, effective hygiene procedures have become a primary focus for many companies. While hand and sole cleaning contributes to personal hygiene, humans can spread germs through a variety of methods. Notably, the wheels on trolleys and carts are carriers of not only dirt, but bacteria […]

Japan’s largest airline, Japan Airlines (JAL), is known to keep all its aircrafts up to its high hygienic standards and maintain them. It won the “COVID-19 Excellence Award” in the “World Airline Awards” hosted by SKYTRAX, was rated 5 stars in SKYTRAX’s Covid-19 Safety Rating, and was awarded the highest ranking of “Diamond” in the […]

Aside from making scrumptious food, catering businesses have to keep their kitchen maintain a high standard of hygiene. However, keeping a clean environment can sometimes be tedious and can disrupt workflow. Hygiene requirements demand many steps to be taken that cause slower production and more costs. Hence, some catering companies would try to take shortcuts […]

Still unsure whether you should ditch floor mats for ProfilGate? Here are 6 facts to help you make your decision: 1. Cleans deep into tyre treads Sure, floor mats can make your tyres look clean, but it doesn’t get rid of dirt or pebbles stuck in the tyre threads. Using mechanically active bristles, ProfilGate sweeps […]

Tired of wasting time? Tired of using unreliable media plates for your microorganism testing? Introducing the Easy Plate. The Easy Plate is a convenient, prepared media plate which needs absolutely NO preparation or sterilization. It’s a quick and painless alternative to media preparation, saving you time, money and reducing waste. The process is as simple […]

How can the ProfilGate Model XS help your automated guided vehicle (or AGV) needs? Well, first you have to realize that AGVs are here to stay. With a reduced error rate and greater efficiency, AGVs undoubtedly make any logistical process more productive. However, the increased adoption of such vehicles introduces another avenue for contamination. Wheels […]

The ProfilGate®  does an amazing job to keep your facilities clean and hygienic, but hundreds of dirty boots and tyres later, it needs a quick cleanup. Follow these three simple steps to keep your ProfilGate®  looking brand new! Step 1: Drain out any liquids in the trays by pulling out the plug to the drain […]

Looking for a simple solution to prevent contamination? Tired of clunky, hard to install washers or heavy cleaners? Well then look no further for Noopli Self Install Contamination Mat is your solution! Gone are the days of simple peel off/tacky mats which failed to create a clean environment, Noopli mats are polymeric, antimicrobial and washable! […]

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