About Us

FMCG Industry Solutions Pty Ltd is the authorised distributor of Heute boots and shoe cleaning machines in Australia. All the machines are produced and engineered in Germany.  You can be confident in knowing that they are made with the highest quality for your industry requirements.

We are also a quality one stop technical service and equipment provider covering all your hygiene and food safety needs.

We have a team of microbiological and hygiene specialists within Australia who work with you on managing and studying your day to day hygiene issues.

Our expertise is in improving hygiene within the processing environment by combining our solid microbiology background with practical knowledge of the food manufacturing process.

We have specialised tools to track, trend and pinpoint the root cause of major spoilage problems and foreign object contamination.

More importantly, we have specific solutions to resolve contamination problems.

We specialise in improving the cleaning and sanitation of the environment within the manufacturing or processing area. We optimise the cleaning steps to reduce costs, yet are more effective.

With our strong background in microbiology we have sourced equipment that is effective and guarantee to work. Here are some of the products we provide:

  • Automatic boot and sole washer
  • Foreign object capturing system (Glass, metal, and soil) for wheels (forklifts) and shoes
  • Listeria Detection System (Rapid)
  • Hygiene Swab (ATP, Protein Residue, or Carbohydrate Test)

Check out our full range of cleaning & sanitation products here.

Manual Cleaning

Manually removing dirt and soil from your shoes or boots is not only difficult, but it’s dangerous. Who knows what your boots or shoes may contain – foreign objects, glass, metal, toxic chemicals, microbial contaminants (listeria, salmonella or E. coli), and even radioactive materials?

Manual cleaning is not only time consuming and physically straining, it’s unsafe, unless you wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). It is also dirty, physically exhaustive, unhealthy, and a risk to the people working in the area. It’s even bad for the environment, where excessive water and chemical detergent is used. Few people stop to realize that a seemingly everyday activity that is done almost automatically is fraught with so many risks.

Dirt transference to clean areas

Normally a person will come in from the outside and get clean. In a controlled area, the cleaning is more intense, such as for a spaceship assembly area or clean room for computer chip manufacturing. By cleaning footwear with a bootwasher, the cleaning load is lightened considerably in the normal clean-up room. The greater accumulated dirt in these areas from the normal floors, the greater the probability that some of it will transfer to the area requiring extreme cleanliness. Hence, you want to minimize the amount of dirt coming in from outside the building to the normal floor. The greatest amount of dirt coming into a building is from shoes and boots, as they contact what often is the dirtiest part of the environment, the ground. This says nothing of places containing hazardous chemicals and radioactive substances.

New Boot and Shoe Cleaning System

Imagine a new and unique way that physically scrubs and sanitizes your shoes or boots quickly and effortlessly. You will have no more dirty shoes, no more cross contamination with pathogenic microorganisms such as listeria, and no more issues with a dirty site. There will be no need for manual scrubbing, no exhaustive sweating, no dirt on your hands, no getting wet with a hose, no mess with detergent, and no wasting time. In just three seconds your footwear will be clean in a quick, fast and effective manner. Compare our system with the amount of labour required by an inefficient “regular” manual system.

Best of all, it is great for the environment. It will reduce your water usage, lower your detergent and chemical usage, and save you money in the long term. It is known that an automatic dishwasher saves enormous amounts of water and cleans dishes more effectively. The same is the case for our equipment. Here, using our automatic bootwasher is a question of simple mathematics and efficiency.

Our boot washing systems do all this easily and effectively and much better than the catch as catch can manual footwear cleaning stations. Being the only German designed, engineered and manufactured system in the world is rare. You can rest assured that it is safe, strong, powerful, meets or exceeds quality standards, and is proven to work in all areas. Anywhere there is a boot and shoe washing station, ours can supplant it and do a far better and more economical job. From our weatherproof electrical boxes, to harder and thicker brushes, you can have confidence that the Germans have validated every aspect of what a perfect boot washer should do. Don’t risk getting an inferior unsafe alternative product. It is like everything else; you’ll pay for poor quality in the long term.

Features and Benefits

Here are the main features of our system:

  • Solid industrial quality bootwashing system
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • German designed engineered and manufactured system. (Not made in China or Spain)
  • Stronger and thicker brushes
  • Powerful motors
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Safety handles on all systems – reduces risk of falling over
  • Magnetic dosing valve – fine tunes chemical dosing reducing costs
  • Weatherproof construction and electrical box – for indoor and outdoor use
  • Environmentally friendly (reduces chemical and water usage)
  • Wet and Dry systems
  • Full technical support – Industrial hygiene experts

Start reducing your chemical and water usage now by using our system and reap the benefits that will provide you a more effective cleaning solution while saving you money. Even if you have a dry environment, our sole cleaners are perfect for reducing foreign object contaminants such as glass, metals and soil. Dryness does not necessarily mean cleanliness, as any resident of a desert knows. Run your finger across the top of a metal surface outside a couple of days after it has been washed and look at the dust that has accumulated. Just because you can see it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

Call us now on 1300 628 104 or email on info@fmcgis.com.au to get expert advice on how we can help you solve your cleaning problems.