ProfilGate® i Series



Resistant due to stainless steel
The i-models are ideally suited for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, where dealing with moist and wet environments and aggressive cleaning agents is necessary. The ultra-smooth surface of the grates ensures a quiet operation of hard casters and wheels of handcarts and trolleys.

Typical Applications
  • Beverages industry
  • Food industry
  • Chemical companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies


ProfilGate® i55


  • For wide tires, rollers and wheels
  • Designed for high loads
  • Plain and smooth grate surface
  • 10 mm dirt-collecting container
  • For < 100 passages per day

10mm additional dirt-collecting container

Exploded view ProfilGate® i55 1,5×1

Exploded view ProfilGate® i55 1×1

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