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Shoe Sole Cleaner - DS-313

Cleaning shoe soles perfectly and effectively by rotating brushes in water tray with detergent

Easy Operation and maintenance

  • Equipped with wheels, it can be moved and installed any places where required   
  • Equipped with water supply and drain pipe, easy and simple to maintain and drain waste water   
  • Strong and robust design with quality materials and components


Durable and  Economic

  • Fully automated operation by sensor when stepping on the cleaning deck 
  • Made and structured of full stainless steel  designed to withstand impacts and rust   
  • Simple, easy and economic operation and maintenance


DS-313 specifications 

Application: Single person  

Dimensions: 730x545x900  

Net weight: 38 kg  

Water tank: 10 liters 

Power supply  & Power consumption: 240 VAC 50/60 Hz 40W

Product Manual 

Product Description