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About Us

FMCG Industry Solutions Pty Ltd is the authorised distributor of Heute boots and shoe cleaning machines in Australia. All the machines are produced and engineered in Germany.  You can be confident in knowing that they are made with the highest quality for your industry requirements. 

We are also a quality one stop technical service and equipment provider covering all your hygiene and food safety needs.

We have a team of microbiological and hygiene specialists within Australia who work with you on managing and studying your day to day hygiene issues.

Our expertise is in improving hygiene within the processing environment by combining our solid microbiology background with practical knowledge of the food manufacturing process.

We have specialised tools to track, trend and pinpoint the root cause of major spoilage problems and foreign object contamination.

More importantly we have specific solutions to resolve contamination problems.

We specialise in improving the cleaning and sanitation of the environment within the manufacturing or processing area. We optimise the cleaning steps to reduce costs, yet are more effective.

With our strong background in microbiology we have sourced equipment that is effective and guarantee to work. Here are some of the products we provide:

  • Automatic boot and sole washer
  • Foreign object capturing system (Glass, metal, and soil) for wheels (forklifts) and shoes
  • Listeria Detection System (Rapid)
  • Hygiene Swab (ATP, Protein Residue, or Carbohydrate Test)

Check out our full range of cleaning & sanitation products here.