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StepGate I

Sole washing system for less frequently used side entrances where up to 30 persons pass per day.

The stainless steel StepGate interlock systems are ideal for entrances to sensitive production areas. When entering, the soles are both mechanically cleaned and wet cleaned by obliquely arranged patented brush strips. 

The special design of the StepGate obliges the user to take several steps on the cleaning surface. The stainless steel side hand rails also provide a secure hold and ensure that 
the full length of the cleaning field 
is traversed and utilised.

The cleaning process is chemically supported by the addition of disinfection and/ or cleaning agents.

The filling level of cleaning liquid in the stainless steel lower tank determines the type of cleaning. If the filling level is above the top edge of the grille, the soles are intensively wet cleaned whereas if the filling level is below the edge of the grille, thanks to the capillary action of the brushes, the soles of the shoes are only wetted.
Intensive sole cleaning and 
disinfection by liquid.

No power supply, no water supply, no wastewater supply needed. This makes the StepGate system ideal for various applications. The fluid is conveniently drained via a ball valve. Moreover Stepgate is mobile due to forklift pick up which makes cleaning very easy.




792mm x 976mm x 1.180mm

Dimension of brush area
660mm x 960mm