Neptun SC1



The sole cleaning machine Neptun SC1 (Sole Cleaner 1) combines three important functions in a compact space. The standard feature enables the wet cleaning of the soles of Clogs, work shoes and boots. Dirt on top of the shoes can easily be washed off, thanks to the practical EasyClean function – a separate cleaning opening below the roller brush.

The control cabinet can be installed on the wall, behind the machine. Thereby it is outside of the wet and dirty area around the machine.

Dimensions (W x D x H)
76 x 63,5 x 121,5 cm

304 INOX stainless steel, matt finish

Brush type
1 horizontal brush for sole and shoe’s upper part

Detergent injector
with regulation: 0,2-9,3%

Advised water pressure
3 bars

Max. water temp.
5 – 50°C

Water flow rate
6 l/min

Power supply
400 Volt, 0,18 kw

Electrical supply
Wall fixed control cabinet