Neptun BC1



The Heute BC1 is the next generation of bootwasher replacing the Neptun II bootwashing unit. With 2 vertical brush and a bottom sole cleaning brush – it’ll provides that perfect t clean in seconds.  It is the only bootwasher in the world that cleans full boots, but also a dual function to clean safety shoes only (separate button that activates the bottom brush).

In addition, it is also the worlds first that incorporates a system to clean the top of boots or safety shoes given you that complete clean.

If you’re looking for a full bootwasher with dual function (boots and safety shoes) – this is it.

These brushes are hard brushes to ensure the dirt is scraped off completely, and they are suitable for removing sticky things, such as dough and hard soil.   They are perfect for the bakery, mining industry, or food manufacturing.

Whether a single sole or a whole boot, the universal machine Neptun BC1 (Boot Cleaner 1) is the solution to all dirt problems. With its well thought out and functional design it is possible to wash efficiently and quickly the sole, uppers and bootlegs of work boots and shoes, separately from each other. Thus, the Neptun BC1 combines the functions of several machines in one device.

For pure sole cleaning on clogs and work shoes, the lower roller brush can be started and operated individually. Therefore, Neptun BC1 adapts to the needs of each user.

The control cabinet should be mounted on the wall, directly behind Neptun BC1. It is thereby outside of the wet and dirty area.

Dimensions (W x D x H)
76 x 87,0 x 127 cm

304 INOX stainless steel, matt finish

Brush type
2 vertical brushes f. sides of the boot, 1 horizontal f. sole or upper part

Detergent injector
with regulation: 0,2-9,3%

Advised water pressure
3 bars

Max. water temp.
5 – 50°C

Water flow

6 l/min

Power supply
400 Volt, 0,18kw

Electrical supply
Wall fixed control cabinet