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Aqua BW


Automatic 304 grade stainless steel sole washer with automatic dosing pump.

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Aqua BWPlus

boot washer 3

304 grade stainless steel boot sole washer.

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Aqua MBW


304 grade stainless steel manual boot sole washer.

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Cyclone Suction Mat


The Most Advanced Suction Mat With Cyclone Technology

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Dycem CleanZone

CleanZone - Product Image

A high performance anti microbial flooring suitable for light wheeled traffic and heavier pedestrian flows.

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Neptun BC1


Bootwasher in the world that cleans full boots and safety shoes

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Neptun SC1


Sole washer for cleaning soles of clogs, work shoes and boots.

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Neptun SCS1


Sole Cleaning System that works as a lock solution to clean heavily soiled shoes effectively

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portascrub b

Portable low cost boot cleaner for all industries

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profilgate thumbnail6

Automatic tire cleaning for your access areas (patented)

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Shoe Sole Cleaner - DS-313


Shoe Sole Cleaner - DS-313 - The Perfect Solution To Clean Shoe Soles

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Shoe Sole Cleaner - DS-313DX


Shoe Sole Cleaner - DS-313DX - The Perfect Solution To Clean Shoe Soles

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Solamat 90


Solamat 90 is a sole cleaning unit designed with four brushes, which are counter rotating and clean the soles from underneath.

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StepGate I


Sole washing system for less frequently used side entrances where up to 30 persons pass per day.

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