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Mining Industry

With the increase in mining and occupational health and safety concerns in Australia, the risk of transferring toxic chemicals from a mining site back into the site amenities is more prevalent than ever.

Dirty shoes in site amenities not only increase the cleaning costs, they also transfer dirt and other toxic materials back into the areas where food is consume, where staff, eat, sleep and relax, where there is a high chance toxin can be ingested, thus causing ill health.

Manually cleaning of shoes is a great start, but how many people actually do it? How many people are wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE)?

And if persons do clean PPE properly, have you considered dirt or toxins being transferred back onto their hands? There is a real concern it could be ingested through poor personal hygiene. There are dangerous elements of each process in the mining of coal, oil, gas, gold, nickel, uranium and the list goes on.

Unlike the food industry where poor hygiene can lead to spoiled products and affect millions, poor hygiene awareness in mining can lead to poor health of miners. Don’t risk it.


Mining Bootwasher

We have a range of boot washers used by mining companies around the world. Not only do they reduce the risk of cross contamination associated with manual cleaning, they are quick, effective, and safe but more importantly transfer the risk away from your workers.

Our bootwashers are built with the highest quality. They are all engineered and manufactured in Germany (Not China or Spain) with stainless steel housing, special weatherproof box for the electrical circuits, stronger and harder brushes, powerful motor and safety handles. There’s nothing that compares to these bootwashers and they are commonly found in mining companies around the world.


Recommended models for the mining industry


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